Outboard Engine Sales

At Promarine we can offer 4-stroke marine outboard engines from 2.5hp – 300hp, we can also offer the worlds first propane outboards available 2.5hp to 15hp. Contact our sales team for more information on the below engine manufacturers:

  • Suzuki Outboards offer engines for leisure and commercial use from 2.5hp – 300hp and created their first engine in 1965. Suzuki are passionate about making their engines fuel efficient, lightweight and reliable.
  • Lehr Outboard are the first Propane powered marine engines available in the world, propane is a cleaner, greener alternative fuel resulting in better use of the planets resources. The engines are 4 -stoke easy start engines with no carburettor and no choke on the vessel.

Contact our sales team today for more information on any marine outboard engines and we will be happy to help.